I am a translator UNI EN 15038:2006 certified.

UNI EN 15038:2006 is the European Standard defining Translator's obligations in the performance of his service.

In particular, this Standard regulates service specifications, quality control and traceability. The Standard also provides a precise indication of the professional skills and characteristics required of the translator and the proven credentials set out in the Standard itself.  

My ongoing vocational training, my higher education, my long experience and the use of CAT (computer-aided translation) tools allowed me to improve more and more my performance in terms of quality and costs.  

Lots of factors distinguish Professionals from amateurs, including the basic training, skills acquired, attention to details, reliability and customers’ satisfaction…

To be a professional translator I follow the Deming cycle.


  • Focusing on the customer and on the process
    →Team leader

  • Carrying out of the service
    Qualified translator

  • Constant improvement of quality, focus on improvement
    Translation proofreader

  • Customer’s satisfaction = "zero errors"
    → Team leader carries out any corrective actions suggested by the proofreader

... in other words "TOTAL QUALITY"