Translation is not a simple mechanical process.

In order to do a high quality translation, excellent knowledge of both languages is essential, but not sufficient.
It is necessary to examine in detail the text and translate the same concepts and messages into the target language, without additions or omissions, by respecting all linguistic and cultural aspects of the original text.

My creed is to offer a translation service, with a main view of pursuing customers’ satisfaction. My final objective is to deliver a complete and coherent translation, which meets the customer’s requirements.

Translation is just one of the stages of the process of translation service; in itself, it does not guarantee quality (zero defects) if is not properly supported, managed and monitored by a review.

The translation service must necessarily be carried out on several consecutive times:

  • a) planning
  • b) translation
  • c) review
  • d) correction and final check

according to an active management method used for the control and constant improvement of processes and services: the Deming cycle or PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act)

A properly done translation entails a whole series of operations, i.e.:

  • work planning: analysis of customers’ requirements and work planning;
  • analysis of the text to translate: analysis of style and register, terminology analysis and search for equivalents in the other language;
  • reworking of the text: rewriting of the text in the other language;
  • review: fluency check, terminology check, syntax and grammar check, layout check, completeness check and spelling check;
  • correction and final check: carrying out any corrective actions deriving from the review and checking of the meeting with customers’ requirements.

Therefore, the translation service can ensure zero defects and customers’ satisfaction through a complete, accurate and high quality process.


I am an Italian freelance translator with a long experience in the field of translations from English and from French into Italian and vice versa.


Freelance translators are the pivot of the translation industry. They are professionals working behind the scenes, but nobody could carry out the linguistic intermediation activity without them. They are the makers of the success of translation agencies and of their customers’ projects.

Those who superficially often say that to be a translator you have just to know ‘rather well’ a second language or to be bilingual, make a mistake, and what a mistake!

In fact, the so-called professional translator not only has in-depth knowledge of his working languages, but he has also a good grasp of foreign languages as well as of his mother tongue, which must not be taken for granted.

A freelancer is a professional with a higher education, who increasingly improve his knowledge or skills. He decided to renounce a permanent job and become an entrepreneur of himself.

Freelance translator means extreme professionalism at customer’s service.


Freelance translators can offer you a direct contact, greater immediacy of communication as well as greater support and more transparency.

The direct collaboration with professional freelancers guarantee a sole interlocutor, a tailor-made service, a consistent quality and a uniform style. There are not even the brokerage rates due to translation agencies: the customer can get definitely more advantageous conditions.

Therefore, through the freelance translator you will be in direct contact with the professional.

“A good translation is like a sheet of glass.
We note it only if there are some defects, such as scratches or bubbles.
The ideal thing would be that there is not any imperfection.
It should never call attention to itself.”
(Lawrence Venuti)