I am an Italian professional freelance translator with a long experience in the field of translations from English and from French into Italian and vice versa.

I earned an Italian graduate degree in translation in 1996 from the Scuola Superiore per Interpreti e Traduttori [Advanced Institute for Interpreters and Translators] of Rome.
I worked in an Import-Export company where I was involved in all aspects of export. I was in charge of the business correspondence with the foreign customers and suppliers, I translated the instruction and user manuals, I also took part in international and national fairs as an interpreter ...

However, my education, ambition and great interest in translations led me to begin my professional career in 1997 that at present I carry out full-time and satisfactorily. Furthermore, my translations range over various sectors of specialization in the three linguistic pairs.

In fact, the technical expertise I have acquired in the last few years has enabled me to improve my views and my skills in many areas of translation. My current objective is to have new work experiences and constantly achieve important professional goals, thereby enhancing my skills and strengthening those already in my possession. Whether for a book, a contract, a user’s handbook, or anything else, I treat every text, even the most technical and outright monotonous one, very enthusiastically.

I like to compare translation to a perfectly transparent glass, through which the text is “clean”, perfect, as if it was written directly in that language, fluently and smoothly.
To perform my work I also use CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools such as Trados; thanks to their continuous checking functions, they guarantee terminological uniformity and syntactic consistency even for large projects.

My Italian and foreign customers include large multinational companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, engineering and law firms, publishing houses, associations and private companies.

If necessary, I also work with mother tongue professionals to meet the needs of customers working with other foreign languages.

My mission is:

  • to offer the best quality at the lowest possible cost;
  • to ensure compliance with the agreed delivery time;
  • to guarantee flexibility and willingness to satisfy customers’ demands as well as the maximum confidentiality in your data processing.


  • Professional Translator on the Roll of Experts at Chamber of Commerce in Foggia
  • Court-appointed expert on the Roll at Foggia's court
  • Certified translator in conformity with the European standard UNI EN 15038:2006.

The cultural distances turn into a wealth to interpret and understand when, the mediator is a professional who is able to grasp the profound meaning and responsibly convey even the smallest nuances.

For further information about me see my CV (.pdf).